Promotion is the element of the marketing mix of an organization that serves to inform or persuade the market regarding their products and services. Many think that the sale and marketing are synonymous. In fact, the sale is not more than a reflection of a good marketing campaign. Currently advertising for products and brands is very important to raise awareness and to remind our consumers why they purchase our products. Stated simply, a brand that is not promoted, does not sell. Promotional products are essential to brand focused campaigns and companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of having a healthy mix between promotional products and advertising mediums to increase sales. 

    The objectives of the promotion are:

    • Have the greatest visual impact.
    • Greater brand Awareness.
    • Reaching the desired target market.
    • Communicating corporate message effectively.
    • Strengthening the comany's image.
    • Possitioning company products.

    The market in which promotional products are seeing an increase in sales is wide in range and it involves small, medium and large companies in many sectors of the Mexican economy. Examples of growing consumers for the promotional products industry are Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Banks, Political Campaigns, Automotive, Communications, Wireless, Tourism and Information Technology. 

    In Mexico today there are approximately 3 million businesses of which 98% are small to medium sized. The sector is large in size and the possibilities are endless for promotional products companies servicing this underserved sector of the economy. There is a need for additional promotional products industry in Mexico and this is evident by the growth the industry is experiencing. The promotional products sector is projected to grow by 16 to 20% in 2012.

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